Retain what comes in, follow what retreats. Rush in upon loss of hand contact.


The punch starts from the heart. Attack and defense are simultaneous.


Occupy the inner gate to strike deep into the defense.


Siu Nim Tao mainly trains internal power.

Practise once a day – more will do no harm.


Do not collide with a strong opponent. Use a direct frontal assault with a weak one.


Be ferocious when clashing, be fast with your fists, be accurate with timing,

be forceful when applying power, be quick to end the fight.


Do not be too eager to strike. Do not be afraid to strike.


The arm bridge (forearm) tracks the movements of the opponent’s body.

When the hands cannot prevail, use the body position to save the situation.


Glass-like head, cotton-like belly and iron-like arm bridges.


Power is generated through the joints and originates in the heels.


Circular and straight accompany eachother.


Know your own limits in the use of power.

Releasing it all out is the sure way to be defeated.


Extreme softness enables one to be hard.Being extremely natural

enables one to be agile.


The feet are like wheels and the arms like arrows.


Unite stance and waist. Coordinate hands and feet.


Understand the principle of Yin and Yang.

~ by pinoro on December 17, 2010.


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