About us


Welcome to the homepage of  Pinoro Training Group,

an independent training group established in June 2006 in Linz, Austria.

My name is Catalin Gheorghe, I started training in martial arts in 2001

and I am a direct student of:

– Sifu Adrian Tautan (Romania) in Wing Chun Kung Fu

– Instructor  Catalin Necula (UK) in De Campo 1-2-3 Original and Igmat Baraw K.F.S.

– Instructor Bobby DelaRosa (Philippines) in Kalye Todo Arnis.


Our  MASH training system ( Martial Arts, Safety and Health)

 consists in four components, available as individual modules

or in any requested combination:

WING CHUN – Chinese Boxing

(traditional KungFu system, modernized teaching method)

ARNIS – Filipino Weapons

(Realistic sitck and knife fighting systems)

SHIELD – Self-Defense

(Simple tools and concepts for emergency situations)

NEIKUNG – Health and Balance

(Internal practices for healthier body and mind)


For the sake of quality, for a better understanding of the arts

and a faster progress of the students, we train only  in a small group or privately.

 New members of the group are taken up only by selection.

Aside from private & semi-private training in Linz, I am also available

  for workshops/seminars in Europe, as well as for long-distance study.


I wish to express my  graditude to my masters, my former instructors

and my former and present training partners.

Thank you!


CONTACT:  catalin(dot)pinoro(at)yahoo(dot)com


15 Responses to “About us”

  1. Nice blog. Kali and Wing Chun really blend well together.

  2. I’m from the United States, but live in Bucuresti Romania for the next couple of years. I’ve been looking for an instructor to take private lessons (Wife, Son, & myself). Can you make some recommendations for us.

    • Hi Kevin and welcome to our page!
      May I ask in which systems are you interested? Is it Wing Chun or FMA?
      So I know what to recommend.
      You could also contact me through e-mail 😉

  3. hallo ich hätte großes interesse bei ihnen wing chun zu lernen, bin 30 jahre und komme aus linz urfahr! bitte um feedback
    Mit freundlichen grüssen
    Lakic senad

  4. Nice and interesting blog! Thanks for following my blog.

    Varma Kalai is my favorite martial arts. 🙂

  5. I am 57 years old what I be considered too old to start training

  6. Würd gern dein Schüler sein bitte melde dich lg aus Linz

  7. Hallo ich würde mir gerne mal Ihr training ansehen und wenn es mir gefällt und möglich ist ihr schüler werden.
    lg aus linz

  8. Excuse me sir Pinoro i know that these comments have been 3 years old and the newest is 1 year old but i just have to take a shot. I am 21 years old and I currently livng in Dumaguete City Philippines attending College and would like to learn martial arts. I sought, to my common knowledge, different types of martial arts dojo but the types of established martial arts dojo’s felt emasculating and intimidating, there was even this one dojo that i didn’t even bother checking out due to the muscled, boastful and tall intimidating fellows that saw me and gave me this egotistic look that felt intimidating and uninviting. I am not asking for a fun and joyous place to practice martial arts all im just asking is that I was welcomed, taught properly and effectively and I will do the necessary drills, techniques, ideology behind wing chun. How i found out about Wing chun is by searching through the internet, and trust me sir i was not attracted to wing chun because of how cool it looked but the ideology behind it and its way of applying it in combat. The reason why I wanted to practice wing chun is that I don’t want to miss it out going through life Im already 21 going 22 this year. I don’t want to grow old not knowing how to defend myself and maybe to boost my self esteem, something like that. I have no experience in any forms of martial arts and would like to extensively learn wing chun both physically and theoretically and would not plan on wasting the instructors time of teaching me. Is there a person or an establishment in Dumaguete City Philippines that i can learn wing chun from, if so may I have his/her contact info. I await patiently of your reply.

    There is this establishment in Manila that teaches wing chun called
    Applied Wing Chun Philippines but it has a dubious website that has a note below that says “the site may be hacked” and going to Manila feels a long way from home and I do not have any relatives or cousins there and i barely know the place. Please consider me as a student of your’s learning wing chun I plan on not wasting anyone’s time and effort teaching me. I await patiently of your reply. and I do hope that this site would not be a scam.

  9. hello i am living in dumaguete city too. who can you recommend for me to learn wing chun properly? I want to learn it the proper way and not from arrogant self proclaimed “teachers”.

    • Hi miss and sorry for the late reply. Once again, I don’t live in Dumaguete, I have never been there so I don’t know what the situation is there with Wing Chun. I’m sorry, I really wish I could help 😦

  10. Habe lange nichts von mir hören lassen ,hoffe dir geht es gut und wollte dich auf diesen Wege fragen ob wir uns wiedermal treffen könnten ?
    Ich lass dir mal meine Tel Nummer da und würde mich sehr über ein Feedback freuen .
    Freundliche grüsse laky

  11. Nice blog! Gotta learn some kali myself

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